Update — the most beautiful place in the world!

It’s been forever since I wrote. I think Matt reported that we have left Marsh Harbour and traveled south to the Exumas. We traveled 20 miles the first day and then had to stay put on anchor – never going ashore – for four days waiting for our next weather window. Luckily we are celebrating Graham’s birth week and we are all enjoying his daily presents (videos). After a week of travel we stopped in Highbourne Cay – a private island with a very small and fancy marina. We were the only sailboat – all other big power yachts. Matt and Graham took the dinghy to nearby Allen’s Cay where iguanas run wild and come out to be fed – they are everywhere!

Iguanas everywhere

I was back on the beach with my book and did a little swimming until I went to watch a fisherman cleaning his haul and saw a million big (8-9 feet) sharks in a feeding frenzy – just off from where I had been swimming!


We went to dinner with a lovely couple from Florida who told us of some great places to go on our route. We all had a Mahi which was the freshest I’ve ever had. I replenished our supplies to an extent but paper towels – which we desperately need and were $1 in Marsh Harbour – are $7 here. The eggs were $7. Water from a hose was 50 cents a gallon. But all in all it was a beautiful island and we were glad for the break to be on land and talking to people other than each other . Now we are at the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park and we will spend at least three days waiting for a weather window. There is a lot to see here. There is only one building, no trash, just nature. There are two whale skeletons near the office and one is huge! There are some of the most beautiful and private beaches here and amazing nature walks. This internet only lasts for a little bit so we might not get info up again for a while.

Much love,

Amy, Matt and Graham

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