Exumas Cays Land and Sea Park

Everyone told us about the Park and how spectacular it is.  Pictures really don’t do it justice.  The Park was founded in 1958 and is a carefully preserved slice of Bahamian islands and reefs.  By law, nothing can be taken, not even a shell.  In order to protect the reefs and underwater life in general, the park encourages the use of moorings.  They even have numerous moorings for dinghies so that you can snorkel from your dinghy without dropping a potentially damaging anchor.   The picture here is Troubadour (the sixth boat from the left) on a mooring in Warderick Wells Cay.

Exuma Park mooring field

The current rips through here at up to 5 knots.  However, at slack tide you can snorkel in 6-10 feet of water.  Graham and I snorkeled here but forgot the camera.  Of course that meant that we saw several cool things including the largest lobster we have seen in the wild and eight Eagle Rays.  It is by far the most beautiful place we have seen in the Bahamas.

Graham and I climbed Boo Boo Hill to leave a token of our visit, which is a cruising tradition.  When we got there Graham found another nameplate from another Troubadour.

Graham on Boo Boo Hill with two Troubadours

From here we plan to head for Cambridge Cay and Compass Cay for more snorkeling and Rachel’s Bubble Bath.  The we send Graham to feed the sharks.

3 thoughts on “Exumas Cays Land and Sea Park

  1. ann

    Happy happy birthday (and week) Graham! What kind of camera do you have to take such pictures underwater? The iguana look like your pets in the picture with you in it, but in other pictures, they’re pretty scary.

    It sounds like we should be sending paper towels to your ports –and eggs too. Is Matt still making the one-egg perfect omlets?

    It is so exciting to watch your travels and get out the Google maps to see where Exumas are. Love to you alll– and special love to you, Graham.

  2. Pamela Roberts

    Happy Birthday week to Graham! Sounds like a wonderful time although those iguanas looked they were on the attack! I’m off to Minneapolis for a couple of days so am even more jealous of the weather!


  3. Bob Lindsey

    Hi Matt (assuming admin is Matt?)
    This is Bob Lindsey from Astute Technology. Torsten mentioned, Melinda mentioned, you were sailing the islands and to check out your blog. As you may remember I spent a lot of time on boats and ships around the world. As you get farther down island out of the Bahamas into the Leewards and want to know some great dive locations, let me know. Also, if you are headed around the world, let me know, I worked 5 years on ships in various oceans and seas and might be able to give you some tips (not that you aren’t getting plenty for everyone you meet along the way). Have a fantastic time. Those were the best years of my life. Enjoy, you deserve it!

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