Monthly Archives: September 2011

Selecting a boat

Two weeks and 13 boats later, we decided on Troubador, a 40’ Tashing Tashiba Baba in Annapolis.  She is fully equipped and ready to go.   The owners have been sailing her from Maine to the Bahamas for the last 5 years which is what we hope to do in the next year (in reverse).  We are thrilled.  We celebrated on our back deck last night with a yummy dinner prepared by Graham.  The timeline now is as follows: it should take about 3-4 weeks to take ownership and we have to move out of our house by 9/26 anyway.  So we will move aboard in Annapolis for 4-5 weeks, maybe sail her up to Alexandria for a sendoff and then travel to Hampton, VA somewhere in the last week of October to prepare for the rally to the Caribbean which will begin around 11/7/11.