We are a family about to embark on a cruising adventure.

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  1. Newbones

    Congratulations on everything. You guys have already accomplished far more than most. I look forward to reading all about the events to come. I’m especially proud of you Graham for earning your diving certification. You will have so much fun it will be unbelievable. Amy, I still keep the one year sobriety card you guys sent me.

  2. Sara

    I just discovered your Blog today. I received an email update from LinkedIn that showed me all the Title changes for all the people I was linked to and I saw Matt’s smiling face. I clicked on his new Title “Captain of the sailing vessle Troubadour” and saw his update that you could follow the trip on this blog. I now have it bookmarked and will check it often. I read your blog from start to current and am amazed by your adventure. My favorite comment from you was the new dinner tradition of writing your thoughts and putting them in a container. If you don’t mind, I think I am going to steal that for our family. My favorite comment from Graham was “tap-dancing to get things done”. How mature and aware that young man is.

    Somewhere on your blog I read you landed in ther Bahamas Nov 20ish, were going to spend a couple of months there and then head for BVIs. While I am sure Bahamas are lovely, my favorite place in the world is the BVIs. I can’t wait to read your blogs from there (and make a few suggestions of my favorite places to see).

    I know that your travel plans are “fluid” but since it has been 2 months in Bahamas, when might you be heading to paradise in paradise (the BVIs)?


  3. WAM and Fun Uncle Chris

    Happy belated birthday Graham! Are you available for Skyping tonight (2/15)? The pictures are amazing and I am so envious! I don’t know if you’ve heard of our excitement here at home. I came home the night of 1/11 to discover that the toilet in the master bath had been overflowing all day and the ceiling in the family room collapsed. They had to completely gut the room and we’ve been spending the last month trying to put things back together. It’s been an unexpected redecorating opportunity! Next time we skype we can give you a tour.
    We miss you all.

    Love and Kisses,
    WAM and Fun Uncle Chris

  4. Jens Tiaden and the rest of the Tribe

    Hey Guys,

    Thanks for the birthday wishes yesterday!

    We all read your stories, now that you have reminded us of your blog. What a great adventure!

    Funny…..Just yesterday I recounted the story of the salty chocolate cake to Imke and Niels….they’re still laughing today…..at my expense.

    Keep up the great blog….I will send an African update shortly.

    Best wishes from a steamy Cape Town.

  5. WAM and Fun Uncle Chris

    Happy Birthday Matt! We’ll be on-line tonight and see if we can Skype.
    Love and Kisses to all,
    WAM and Fun Uncle Chris (and Allie and Lucy too!)

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