Finally some dive photos!

We have been in the Abacos for over 2 months and Graham and I have done a total of eight dives.  We have done four dives in the Fowl Cays with Above and Below Abaco.  This is a great dive shop and Kay and Christian are fantastic instructor and divemaster.  They both worked really hard to make sure that Graham and I had a great experience.

Graham took several great pictures.  This ray showed up almost immediately.

Stingray photo credit to Graham

The reef shark was about 5 ft long. This shot showed him at one of his closest approaches. The shark came and went about 5 times over a period of 20 minutes.

Reef Shark just hanging around

Kay took Graham and me on a separate side trip because we both still had 1000 psi of air left.  We took a short cut out to the reef and spotted this turtle.  Graham took several great shots of Crush (Finding Nemo) the turtle.

Mr. Turtle is my Father, Name's Crush

Finally, I took a picture of of Graham.  His hair is getting kinda long and it was standing up straight.  Reminded me of another character in another Pixar movie.  Graham or Syndrome: you decide.

OK is it just me or does Graham look like Syndrome from the Incredibles

Thanks to Grandpa and Grandma for our new camera.  It’s really cool.


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