Curly Tails

Hello everybody who is still waiting for my next blog entry (sorry about the wait) here in the Bahamas it is great I’m doing lots of schoolwork (but still get weekends off) and am getting in the occasional scuba dive or the occasional snorkeling trip. We are now in Marsh Harbor (again still working on the boat) at a marina called Conch Inn Marina; here is a link to their website… I also am very excited because soon we are to going to our next location: The Exumas, but now to the title of my blog entry!!!!! 😀

This Curly Tail joined us for lunch.

Curly tails is a short name for curly tailed lizard, a small lizard that is about 4 to 5 inches long with a long tail that curls up into a fish hook shape and they are EVERYWHERE. They are like very small ninjas like sometimes they’re on your shoe and you don’t even notice!!! They are very peaceful and love attention (or they really like what we feed them). Most of the time we feed them lettuce and if your lucky they will come right up to you and take it right out of your hand!!!!!!!! I haven’t been so lucky though 

Ok TYVM (Thank you very much) for taking the time to read my entry   😀

PS HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Grandma and Geema!!!!!!

3 thoughts on “Curly Tails

  1. Colleen

    When I first read the title under the photo…I thought you “ate” him for lunch! What a great photo…amazing you can get the litle fella to sit still long enough!

  2. Alexander Montanti

    Sup, its Alex, ya know, your buddy from New Jersy, and i love your blogs. Those lizzards are soooooo cool. lookin foward to your next blog, hope i see you soon.

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