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We spent another week in Marsh Harbour hoping to retrieve our new chain plates and do the repairs, alas, they were the wrong size and now we have to wait for them to make them again.  And they are the only game in town.  Again, problems in paradise so no big deal.  We had a delightful Christmas – very simple.  We each got something from the dollar store and then we made gifts.  Graham’s gift to us was the most amazing.  It is a poem about our adventure and all that he enjoys about it.  I will include it below.  We started an evening meal tradition wherein we each get two scraps of paper.  On one we write something we are grateful for and on the other we write something about which we might be overwhelmed and would like to ask God to take away.  We then put our papers in decorated Chinese Food-type containers except they are green and purple and plastic.


Today, December 30th, we left Marsh Harbour to go back to Man-o-war Cay to visit some folks on another Troubadour from Annapolis.  They have 6 grandkids with them, among them is another 11 year old boy.  We also plan to visit Great Guana Cay where the world famous Nipper’s is.  Ultimately we will go back to Marsh Harbour in a week or so.  Graham is very much enjoying his time off from school.  This week he was able to watch TV and play Wii as we were hooked up to shore power at a marina.  One day this week, he and Matt went scuba diving and were quite close to a 7-8 foot shark.  I don’t even like to snorkel and am afraid a shark might get me in either the shower or the swimming pool.


Happy New Year to you all!

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  1. Mary Stearns

    Dear Matt, Amy and Graham,
    You had a Christmas that you will never forget. How wonderful. Winter finally came to Iowa on January 13 and we have lots of snow and ice. Ben and I enjoy our living conditions with not a worry about weather. Gail and Jeana were here before Christmas. Gail is very happy in Orange, CA and has the perfect job at Chapman University as dean of the Chapel and Ass. Prof. of Religion. Her gift is in interfaith
    activities and the opportunities in CA are perfect for her. Keep writing your blog it is so interesting. Love, Mary and Ben

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