Thunderball Grotto

Today we went to Thunderball Grotto where the James Bond (Sean Connery) movie was filmed.  There is no beach, you just dinghy over and hook onto a mooring ball with others.  You snorkel into the cave opening at slack tide and bring food – cereal, canned veggies, we brought corn.  Once inside the cave you have to be careful that the current doesn’t push you up against the walls.  The cave is big but the ceiling has caved in so it’s lit up naturally.  Reef fish abound – colored fish, striped fish, one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish!  Once they see your food you have to get a restraining order against them to stay away.  Graham kept throwing the corn away from him and they would swim and eat it and then come right back to him.  There were so many of them that when I swam, my hands  touched  them in bunches.  Then Graham swam through this tiny hole in the wall outside the cave that was not visible to my naked eye from the dinghy about 25 feet away – he ended up inside as he had taken the same escape route as Sean Connery!

Thunderball Grotto - hard to photograph

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