When Pigs Swim!

After Thunderball, we went to feed the pigs back near the boat.  Again, you don’t go ashore, they are trained to listen for the sound of your dinghy motor and they swim out to you.  They are enormous and scary – about 4 ft long and 2 ft wide with HUGE snouts and yucky noises.  We have been saving scraps for about a week and you have to have it ready so you can throw it to them when they are still a few feet away because they will come right up to the dink and put their hooves right on it and they can puncture it.  It was quite an experience. Note to Meredith Lemke, Graham says, “Pigs really do swim!”   I think the rotten cucumber was the biggest challenge for Pig Number Three. When we arrived back at the boat, Graham had a short  swim around the boat while Matt checked the bottom.  Graham encountered both a shark and a barracuda — all this before school started today and we still got two days worth of school done.

Can you hear the Jaws theme music in the background!

As always we end the day in the cockpit watching out for the green flash to happen as the sun sets on the water.  So far, there is no joy in Mudville, but we know it will happen because saw it in Antigua seven years ago.  When the sun is set, the conch horns start blowing – hollowed out conch shells fashioned into horns that people blow from one boat to another – a cacophony of different pitches to signify happy hour, or day’s end or just plain beauty.

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  1. Melinda K (used to be Mel C)

    We just looked at your site during our team meeting. I really miss you guys! Matt, AM won’t be the same without you. Those swimming piggies are UNREAL!

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