I have come to really like boats, looking at them anyway. Most have white hulls, we have a navy one and a teak deck and people are always commenting on how pretty she is. And we are mostly cruising the same pattern that her former owners did for 5 years so we frequently meet people who recognize the boat because of her distinctiveness. I can’t believe I know any of this – like that she is a Cutter-rig Sloop – because a year ago I knew so little. Back to the colors of hulls, a beautiful red-hulled sailboat came into the marina yesterday. She is beautiful not because she is in pristine condition, in fact she was a little rusty all over; I was drawn to her because of her bright red hull in a Little Engine That Could way. And then I saw her name, the ANN-KRISTIN. I was immediately reminded of my Aunt Ann and her daughter, my cousin, Kristin – two of the strongest people I know. It made me feel a little closer to home. She was gone this morning before I could get a picture and I wondered if she was really there after all.

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