Thanksgiving and a very nontraditional Black Friday

Today is the day after Thanksgiving.  Matt and Graham just came back from scuba diving where they again saw a shark but also caught lobster, grouper and conch and cooked it on  a bonfire on the beach and had it for lunch and they said it was fabulous! I walked on the beach all day and i caught a HUGE pink and orange conch with the conch still in the shell.  Conch salad is sort of like seafood pico de gallo and is yummy but we threw this one back.  just wanted to keep it long enough to show the boys.  There was no one on the beach today so I had my music and I sang (poorly) and danced (freely) and had a grand old time.  As you may know, I am not known for being on the cutting edge of technology.  So when I say that I was listening to my music today, I mean that I was listening to some mixed cassette tapes circa 15-20 years ago on my walkman (yes, actual cassette player).  We have aboard an iTouch, two nanos, an iHome, an mp3 player, two computers with Pandora, a new marine stereo system, and an iPad — all, of course, capable of playing music.  But I like my walkman and I am very attached to my cassette tapes for sentimental reasons.  When the boys were out scuba duiving, I was struggling with getting myself and the washing back on the boat and my treasured (and very hard to replace) walkman is now at the bottom of the deep blue sea.  🙁

Thanksgiving was traditional turkey and trimmings and then we watched TV — a real treat!

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