Notes from the passage

Happy Thanksgiving!  Some notes from the passage that I am just finding:

“I am on watch for the 3rd night in a row.  There is no moon and I can’t even see my hand in front of my face.  I can see the tri-color lights of a sailboat way off in the distance.  Graham and I made a deal that I would take his watch 6-9 and my watch 9-12 if he gave me a pedicure and foot massage in the cockpit.  We are so far away from rush hour.  It is so peaceful.  Stars!  Stars!  Stars!  Much calmer than last night.  When I went below after my watch I tried to sleep in the v-berth (Captain’s Quarters) and I kept going airborne with the smashing of the waves.”

2 thoughts on “Notes from the passage

  1. Meredith Lemke

    Hey Guys! I hope you’re all having fun on the boat! We saw the picture of the boat, it’s beautiful. I was wondering how homeschooling on a boat is. Is it better than Maury was? You’re lucky Graham, GW is crazy and super loud. My mom says to wish you guys luck from all of us! Have fun!
    -Meredith and all the Lemke clan!

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