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OK so we have been really bad about updating our blog.  Now we are caught in a dilemma.  How do we bring everyone up to speed on the time “In Between” while at the same time we start posting some current entries on our life right now.  The answer is this “In Between” blog post.  We will post our adventures here and we will update it at the same time we work on our new blog posts.  This way everything stays in order and we don’t feel obligated to write everything in order.

We left Southwest Harbor, Maine on September 10.  We loved Maine.  However, it was already starting to get chilly.  Short summers are the standard here.  We left during very pleasant sailing conditions.  Unfortunately the winds continued to build throughout the evening and after midnight we were seeing winds at 30-35 knots.  It was fast sailing but uncomfortable and Amy and I shortened our watches to just 2 hours because we were getting tired so quickly.   By noon on the 11th winds were back to a moderate 15 knots and the wind continued to get lighter and lighter.  We motored most of the rest of the way to the Cape Cod Canal and we timed our arrival with a turn in the current so that we had favorable currents through the canal.  We picked up a mooring in Onset Bay and got some rest.

On September 13th we departed Onset Bay pretty early and in a favorable current heading for Block Island.  However, this time the wind filled in pretty much on the nose and as the day wore on it was clear that we weren’t going to make it to Block Island until very late.  This is where it pays to be flexible.  We decided to skip Block Island and head straight to Long Island which was really where we wanted to end up.  This meant that we could sail rather than motor as our course was not as directly upwind as Block Island.  It was a beautiful night’s sail and we arrived at Three Mile Harbor, Long Island at about 0800.  We anchored toward the south end of this well protected harbor.  We had been looking forward to visiting our good friend and Graham’s godmother, Alyssa, and finally meeting her partner Lisa.  The bonus: visiting them at their cottage in the Hampton’s away from the hustle and bustle of New York City.

Visiting Alyssa and Lisa in the Hamptons

Alyssa and Lisa were awesome hosts.  We had great food and wine as well as the opportunity to pick some of our own vegetables at the local Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm a short distance away from the cottage.  Graham and I discovered ground cherries.  I made salsa verde with fresh picked tomatillos and peppers.  We had a great time and we were sorry our time together was so short.

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  1. Tim Gillman

    Happy 12-12-12 to all and an early Happy Birthday to Amy!

    Thanks for catching us up. All of your readers were worried that you found the perfect storm or something. Well, I knew better because I have the Gillman POTS network as a back up to the internet. Thanks for dusting it off and keeping from becoming a cobweb site.

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