The Karen Noonan Center

While spending a week with Matt’s family in Cambridge, MD, Matt, Amy and Graham took a trip over to the Karen Noonan Center, established for Amy’s high school friend.  Once one of the great Chesapeake hunting lodges, the Karen Noonan Center was completely renovated in 1995 to create an environmentally sound, state-of-the-art residential  and educational center.   Unfortunately, Jessie Marsh, overseer of the centers and longtime friend of Karen’s friends, had only just left for the weekend.  We were sorry to have missed him as he is always a great part of the trip for Karen’s friends.  The two people who currently run the Center, Captain Shawn and eBay (real name Elyssa; we told her about our Alyssa and pointed her out in the group picture of Karen’s friends hanging in the office) gave us a warm welcome, telling us we are family there.  We spent a while talking with Capt. Shawn who actually lives in Cambridge near the marina where we docked our boat for a couple of weeks.  He asked us all about living on a boat indicating that he and his wife are interested in doing the same.  He said he liked to poke around the marina and look at the boats and, in fact, was admiring our boat, Troubadour, that very morning.

The view toward Fishing Bay

The group of science teachers that was there for the week, were out on kayaks.  We were invited to join them for a sunset paddle but declined as we had been there several times before and just wanted to touch base.  We walked the halls of Karen’s house looking at every wall hanging, spending extra time on the art shared from the artists at Holy Child.  As always, being at the Center leaves one feeling buoyed by hope.  CBF does a superb job in its education of children and adults alike.

The Karen N a custom built shallow water jet boat.

Graham on the deck at the Karen Noonan Center

Matt, Amy, Graham in front of the Karen Noonan Center

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