Selecting a boat

Two weeks and 13 boats later, we decided on Troubador, a 40’ Tashing Tashiba Baba in Annapolis.  She is fully equipped and ready to go.   The owners have been sailing her from Maine to the Bahamas for the last 5 years which is what we hope to do in the next year (in reverse).  We are thrilled.  We celebrated on our back deck last night with a yummy dinner prepared by Graham.  The timeline now is as follows: it should take about 3-4 weeks to take ownership and we have to move out of our house by 9/26 anyway.  So we will move aboard in Annapolis for 4-5 weeks, maybe sail her up to Alexandria for a sendoff and then travel to Hampton, VA somewhere in the last week of October to prepare for the rally to the Caribbean which will begin around 11/7/11.

5 thoughts on “Selecting a boat

  1. Best wishes on this adventure. Let us know if you do dock in Alexandria. Graham, keep up the good work with your writing! We miss you.

  2. Thinking about you and wondering where you are right now. If there is a sendoff in Alexandria please let us know! Lots of love, Daria xoxoxo

  3. We are eager to hear tales from the high seas. Our son, Jack, is 7, Graham. He thinks your family are pirates.

  4. AH Capt Jack Sparrow be warned….Capt Matty and first mates Amy & Graham are foot loose on the waters of the east coast. Watch your port side matties….the priates be warned and aware. I hope you folks have an awesome experience and if you ever traverse the Panama Canal and make it to my coast make sure to bring some stories to share.