Our Home in Annapolis

Bert Jabin Yacht Yard can be noisy. But, it is a great place to get work done.

Annapolis has been our new home for over a month now. We moved aboard on September 27 and we have been crazy busy ever since. In spite of Troubadour being in pretty good shape, we needed to have some electrical work done and we bought a brand new life raft at the boat show. We have been out sailing and learning the new systems of the boat and we returned to Annapolis to finish up some work that couldn’t be finished earlier.

Annapolis is a great place. In Alexandria, when we talked about our cruising plans, people had a lot of questions about the live-aboard lifestyle. People were really curious about how we would manage living on a boat. In Annapolis when you say you are a live-aboard people ask you what kind of boat you have and are you heading south for the winter. You overhear conversations about sailboats everywhere. It really is the sailing capital of the US.

We have found some great places to eat and we spent way more than we probably should have eating out. We really like Davis Pub for crab-cake sandwiches, Eastport Yacht Club for the views, the food, and the friends; and Menchies for the awesome frozen yogurt.

I have been coming to Annapolis for 17 years as a racer and when we owned Seatryst. Living here is everything we had hoped for and we look forward to returning in the spring next year.

Caught this great sunrise over Spa Creek last week. It turned into a beautiful day for a sail.

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