Now we are in Marsh Harbour

On Wednesday we traveled from Green Turtle Cay to Marsh Harbour (a city of 5,000).  We are staying at the Conch Inn marina while we fix some boat stuff, catch up on school work and cable TV and stock up on inexpensive groceries.  Before we left Green Turtle Cay, Matt and Graham went diving with the dolphins.  Unfortunately they didn’t find any dolphins but Graham speared a fish and they caught some lobster which Matt prepared for dinner — curried lobster with rice with a recipe we got from an Embarrassment of Mangoes.  And tonight he made Cheesy Chicken with Avocado and Tomato Salsa with huge avocados from the Dominican Republic.  Tomorrow is the Annual Christmas Festival in Marsh Harbour with music, food, crafts and more.  It goes till 11 pm.  But a cruiser’s midnight is more like 7:30 pm.

2 thoughts on “Now we are in Marsh Harbour

  1. Colleen

    Pics…Pics…!!?? Where are they??? I need to live vicariously thru all of you! LOL I need to see the beautiful sun and warm sand as we’re beginning to freeze our buns off…although I love the winter too……but the beach is my first love.

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