Graham’s poem about life on the boat

Waiting here for mom, sitting on the boat, masts, water, dock, our view at home. My mother is in view, she makes the boat home.

The dry rub of gravel, the slow creak of ropes. The piercing cry of birds, the soft splish of the ocean, the loud quack of ducks.

The scent of a salty ocean, pumpkins cooking strong and thick. Fallen leaves rotting to join the sun and the food.

The dark, the night, nothing left but the hoot of an owl and that too soon to vanish for dawn.

5 thoughts on “Graham’s poem about life on the boat

  1. Lynn

    Graham – I loved your poem. For me, it painted a beautiful picture of where your “home” is now. I can’t wait to be your “neighbor” again! 🙂

    Thinking of you all and wishing you safe travels to your next destination where hopefully you will have lots of sunshine and warm weather. Also, not to mention all the great stories you will share with us – those of us who are living your dream with you as you take this awesome journey.

    Enjoy every moment – Lynn (and Bailey)

  2. Magus Magnus

    Graham – wonderful. I like the beat you make with the repetition of “home” in the first stanza.

    good feel for details and rhythms. new life at sea and on the islands great for taking in your surroundings

    M. Magnus

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