George Town, Exuma, Bahamas

We have been in Georgetown for about a month and have really enjoyed ourselves. Graham has found many friends here several of whom use the Calvert Homeschool program too. He gets his work done early in the day so he can be off to the beach to swim and play volleyball and jump and dive and they all come home at sunset when they are hoarse from all the laughter. It is wonderful for him to be around kids his own age again and especially ones who are cruisers too. Most of the ones he has met have been cruising for 5 years. Matt has found another project — it is amazing to me how he can diagnose and fix these proble s on the boat. I too have found many things for me in George Town. I love the library here. I love the vegetable lady here. I love my walks with my music. There is not much opportunity for wifi which is good and bad. My parents and sister came to visit last week for 3 days and that was fabulous. They brought 150 lbs. of luggage for us — not kidding.

Graham and Mal at the Chat and Chill

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