CAPE—a point of land projecting into water; a sleeveless garment worn over the shoulders

Our family loves to talk about capes.  Not for the reason you might think but for those of you who saw the Disney Pixar movie The Incredibles, you may remember the line, “NO CAPES!!!” said by the Superhero Costume Designer, Edna ‘E’ Mode.

Edna 'E' Mode "No Capes"

As we are on our way through Cape Cod Canal to the Cape Cod Bay on our way to Provincetown, it occurs to me how many capes we have sailed around so far.  Growing up I spent many summers near Cape May, NJ and took a trip to Cape Cod as well but I guess I thought they were the only two of their kind.  Since we have returned to the States from the Bahamas, we have sailed around Cape Canaveral (FL), Cape Hatteras (NC), Cape Fear (NC), Cape Henlopen (DE), Cape May (NJ), and Cape Cod (MA).  Later in the week we head to Maine and will pass Cape Neddick, Cape Porpoise, Cape Elizabeth and beyond – we’re not stopping till we round the Cape of Good Hope, then we’ll conquer Cape Horn and …..  oh, I guess I got a little carried away.

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