Finally — an update!

Sorry we have been so remiss in updating the blog. We have been busy getting used to life on a boat, making preparations for our trip and homeschooling. We have been out on small trips and tomorrow morning (Tuesday, 10/25/11) we will set sail straight up the Chesapeake heading for Hampton, VA at the mouth of the Bay. We will ultimately leave from there heading for the Bahamas for a couple of months and then over to the British Virgin Islands.

4 thoughts on “Finally — an update!

  1. Bon voyage! Can’t wait to read more updates. Hugs to you all. With Love, Daria, Tobin, Sydney, and Gavin xoxoxo

  2. Happy Sailing! We miss you here in Lenox Place but know you’re off for some wonderful advertures! Keep up the blogging!

    Pam and Robin and Stoli (of course)

  3. Yeah! Thanks for the update! I love the pictures! I’m so happy for you all in your new adventure!

    Miss you lots and look forward keeping track of your adventure!
    Love and Hugs,
    Debbie and Mustang

  4. We are so happy and excited for you! Continue with the updates and we can’t wait to hear and see all the amazing adventures!

    Love to all! Colleen, Todd, Morgan, Aidan, Declan and Teagan