I have written before about green flashes.  A green flash is a phenomenon that happens when the sun sets on the water and for a second appears to flash green.  We always sat around in the Bahamas, or really anywhere we are where the sun is setting on water, holding our collective breath and waiting for the green flash.  In our passage to Maine, I called Matt and Graham to the cockpit at sunset because I was certain we would be able to see a green flash on this perfectly cloudless night.   They came, they watched, they saw.  I had my head down and missed the whole thing – ugh!

Sunset on the passage from Provincetown to Casco Bay


On watch Graham and I stayed up till 4 am and read a book aloud from beginning to end.  It was great, a cherished moment to be sure.  It was a teenage book but not science fiction or fantasy.  It is unlike the books he tends to read and deals instead with real life issues and feelings.  How great it was to read the whole book together and flounder through the spectrum of emotion as the plot crescendoed and then resolved.  I know these days of reading books aloud together won’t last forever but I will treasure them always.


  1. I have also heard that you can hear the “hiss” as the sun hit’s the water. Do you think that is what causes the green flash?